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   A Virginia Supreme Court justice | Wants to read poetry to us | He sends thugs to the can | Attends poetry slams | And hopes this link doesn't end up under FarkUs

23 Feb 2013 04:47 PM   |   1381 clicks   |   WTKR
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Burma Shave?

23 Feb 2013 04:55 PM
So tell me how may people got thrown out airlocks?
Sorry is worthless without these facts

23 Feb 2013 05:02 PM
Yeah whatever happened to the FarkUs tab? Oh lookathat, it's still there!

23 Feb 2013 05:11 PM
Sounds like a case for Josh Lyman

23 Feb 2013 05:12 PM
s7.postimage.orgView Full Size

23 Feb 2013 05:13 PM
I hate poetry slams.

/No, I don't want to a self felliating song about how your the "King Mack Daddy" (or "Mamma") and how everyone should worship your ass in a Rap song lyric rant that lacks the sampled (aka: stolen) music

23 Feb 2013 05:18 PM
That barely rhymes!

23 Feb 2013 05:38 PM
From the headline I was expecting some looney toones judge abusing his courtroom authority to read his crappy vogon poems.  This is just about the opposite of that.

Sounds like a guy you could have a beer with and learn a lot from.

23 Feb 2013 07:08 PM

astro716: Sounds like a case for Josh Lyman


23 Feb 2013 09:40 PM
4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

23 Feb 2013 09:51 PM
What is all the hubbub about I didn't do anything this time.

Oh. Poetry Slam.

I'm not that cruel.

24 Feb 2013 06:57 PM
Showing 1-11 of 11 comments
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