• My ol kitty Bill did this to me when I first picked him up at an adoption event. All kittens -  except 5 year old Bill. I picked him up to pet him and he turned around, threw his paws around my neck in a hug and wouldn't let go. I had to have him come home with me.
  • From January 2019

    But if you're seeing it for the first time now, enjoy!
  • My boy kitty Cinnamon did this, too.

    I saw his picture up at a vet's office that was fostering about 15 rescued kittens that had been turned in for care, being too little to go to a shelter because they needed to be bottle-fed. While she had them, the vet also spayed and neutered them. Cinnamon had come in with a sister at about a week and a half old, both starving.

    For some reason, I'm pretty sure because she wanted him herself, the vet wouldn't let me see just Cinnamon, she brought out all the other kittens, too.

    But since I specifically wanted to see Cinnamon, I picked him up first.

    He immediately kissed my nose and would not leave my arms at that point. I could not put him down to pick up any other kitten even if I wanted to. He would not be peeled off me for love nor money. Even the vet couldn't get him off. Finally, she put another kitten into my arms with Cinnamon, but he just clung tighter to me and the other kitten wanted down.

    Needless to say, we have our Cinnamon boy. There was no way I was leaving that vet's office without that kitten. He would not allow it. Now he is lord of our castle, with two girl kitties to boss around and bite when they get too annoying like sleeping in his favorite basket, etc.
  • That's pretty much how our little German Shepherd girl came to us. She was abandoned and abused and scared but, somehow, knew we were the ones to bring her home.  :)
  • I had a dog that did this. She was the runt. Only one that'd let me pet her. Her brother that bit me in the ass I wasn't such a fan of
  • You can't buy love but you can rescue it.

    /all of mine thru the years have been shelter/pound dogs.
    //they pick you.

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