• That's a spicy meat a ball.
  • The labor and hard costs incurred to recover on the error exceeds the likely gains from recovery. Shocking.

    Fix it for the next stimulus, collect if it's easy/cost-effective, and be grateful more money made it's way into the economy.
  • CSB
    My MIL, who is all dead and everything, got a letter addressed to "her name deceased" saying that she is getting the money. Yeah, it addressed her as deceased. If any money came, we don't know where it went. Maybe a check is laying around the nursing home where she died or maybe there was a debit card and someone stole it, or maybe it went into some bank account that is closed or ? If we ever get it, we would return it.
  • Dead people don't cash checks so most of them won't get cashed anyway, and the ones that do can get deducted from their next tax return so the IRS doesn't really need to do anything.
  • Are you kidding? And free up agents to go after the big time rich crooks?
  • Isn't the first time the gov gives money to the dead, and bet your sweet ass, it wont be the last either.

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