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    R.I.P. Maxie (2016), Smart as Hell and incorrigible, and Diogi (2019), Dumb as Hell as twice as friendly.
    Both found abandoned.
  • Oh....OH, mutt.I read that as muff and got really excited. Oh well.
  • Mutts for the win purebreeds are for pretentious wankers.
  • My mutt had been sent to the shelter twice before we snagged him. He's a Very Good Boy.
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  • We're all mutts now.  The newest and smallest is Harvy.  I think he's a chiwinnie, but definitely the dumbest dog I've ever had.  When we got him, we joked about him having a brain the size of a walnut.  Getting to know him better, we've concluded that half a walnut is more likely.
  • I have a pair of mutts; a yellow dog and a brown puppy about 7 months old.  They're great dogs, and there's temptation to ascribe their personalities to their different breed mixes.

    But in the end they are simply dogs, and have more essential Doggy-ness than my old purebred husky ever did.

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