• My dad did this, when I was a teenager. He trained them to come to our house with a specific whistle sequence. Fed them peanuts. Started with two crows and by end of summer, he could summon 20 in five minutes.
  • I want my crow army.
  • I have one that will come gliding over from a nearby park if he(?) hears me whistle. Occasionally two others tag along, presumably a mate and large adult son. Sometimes the crow will perch in a tree outside the kitchen window and stare inside if he hasn't gotten a peanut for a while, and yes, it's a little unsettling.
  • Love my crow crew. They usually keep their distance until I offer something, but others land right in front of me as I walk, forcing me to stop, lol. They like to walk right behind me too and swoop right past my ear. Also, the squirrels have made the connection and come barreling toward me now when I'm nearby.
  • Criminally liable no. Could potentially be cited for creating a nuisance if neighbors complain, and certainly she can have neighborly social issues once everyone realizes she's the cause. The solution is simple - stop feeding them. Or feed them somewhere else.
  • There's a murder of 8-12 crows that hang out at my neighbor's across the street.  All in the same tree everyday.  He lives in another state so the house vacant.  I've been thinking the past year maybe there's a dead body in that house.  Since they're mostly harmless I leave them be but I do worry about all the tweety bird eggs they might chow through come spring.
  • Forgot to add.  I always get a chuckle when I see a lone crow flying along with 2-3 sparrows dive bombing it's head mid-flight telling him to GTFO of here.
  • Sub Human: I want my crow army.

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    If we all work together, someone will make the greentext prophecy into reality.
  • I had a customer in Florida after hurricane Ivan that would feed a certain mockingbird. It was a few weeks after the storm and he hadn't seen him since the storm but would still leave him grapes on the fencepost. When he finally showed back up that old man cried like a little kid. After a couple of weeks working there it finally started eating out of my hand too.
  • Sub Human: I want my crow army.

    You might love Bothell/Kenmore:

    Crows at University of Washington, Bothell
    Youtube X98N18-Kp88
  • For a while my coworker had a nest of juvenile ravens living next door.  So he decided to teach them crime.

    Started with offering them treats, then with teaching them to pull up strings to get treats.  Then set up a wooden box with a hasp on it and treats inside, got them to pull open the door, then got them to open the hasp and open the door, eventually got them to pull a string to take a stick out of the hasp, open the hasp, and open the door.

    There were tradeoffs - he had to make each step easy enough that they were willing to do it instead of just kicking the whole box apart and getting the treats that way.
  • Be careful what you wish for...

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  • duppy: Sub Human: I want my crow army.

    You might love Bothell/Kenmore:


    Tippy Hedren I am not.

    /kinda Pleshette though
  • duppy: Sub Human: I want my crow army.

    You might love Bothell/Kenmore:


    HOLY CRAP. I live on the East Side and I have seen this off and on for years. People thought I was crazy. I swear most people don't ever look up.

    /They all think I'm crazy, but I know better.
    //It is not I who are crazy.
    ///It is I who am *mad*!
  • Twilight Farkle: Sub Human: I want my crow army.

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    If we all work together, someone will make the greentext prophecy into reality.

    And today in "things that never happened"

    Cool story though.
  • A long time ago a friend of mine Dad owned a part of a construction company.  They were doing a job one summer and his Dad made him go sit at the job site from about 7:00pm to 11:00pm to keep anyone from farking with the equipment. I'd join him now and again, sit around, burning some weed and bullshiatting.  It was in a somewhat rural area and there was a crow roosting tree on site.  We get the clever idea to bring a shotgun one night and see if we can bag a few crows.  I swear we never even got the gun out of the car.  Pull up to the site, open the car doors and CAW!! and those crows were gone before we even stood up outside the car. It was pretty impressive and we were no where near within range either.

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