• I'm a bit day drunk and misread that as "spaniel". That would have been more fun. This is pretty neat too.
  • This is nice, even if the city still has 99 problems.
  •  He built that in 30 minutes? I'm half his age and it likely would have taken me twice as long.
  • reminds me of the 1,000 stories we've all read where Law Enforcement refused to do a thing. hard working tax payers take it up the poop chute all their lives. and you wonder why people get tired of tolerating scum.
  • ""I got a kiss and a hug."
    "I started working when I was a child and worked all my life. Just like my wife. The poor thing has never stopped working."
    "few neighbours have been in touch asking me to make another one (bench), but I've said no," he said. "I made just the one and it's just for my wife."

    I do not encounter a lot of men that openly talk about their wives like this. This is quite remarkable and really sweet.
  • "The bench took me about half an hour," he told La Voz de Galicia.
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