• fark, I don't know how to count to Dayton.  Is that a big number?
  • It's the perfect time for this event to go viral!
  • This reminded me to check on the status of the Posen Potato Festival outside Alpena, MI. Like most small-town festivals they canceled last year despite the 'rona being a hoax, so I was pleased to see they've got a listing for this year's festival...​e​n-potato-festival/
    Complete with MAGA hat and Trump tractor in the photo they submitted to the festival listings page.

    No such nonsense on their official site, fortunately, but I bet the vaccination rate in that town is around 20%. Still might go to experience starchy goodness if it's all outdoors.
  • I thought dayton was the home of bicycles and the birthplace of powered flight, all the wright brothers' design and engineering took place in dayton before taking it all to kittyhawk, nc to actually make it fly...

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