The video on the business' Facebook page has gone viral, with more than 19,000 views as of Tuesday evening.
    The couple can be seen looking stunned on the floor of the business before quickly getting up and fleeing the scene.
    "Love hurts," the barber shop wrote on its Facebook page.
    The business said it has not been able to identify the couple seen in the video.

    Then CTV includes their standard message at the bottom

    > Are you in this video? If so, please emailmontr­eal­w­eb­[nospam-﹫-backwards]vtc*ca.We would love to hear from you.

    The perps might be dumb enough to claim their fame
  • In all fairness to them, that didn't look all that hard of an impact. Almost looked like movie glass breaking, went down that easy....
  • The guy just starts walking away before she even gets up.
    Help your girlfriend up, you cad!

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