• The woman awoke to find the inquisitive female - known locally as Dandy - lounging on her patio in Billinghay, Lincolnshire.
    RSPCA rescuers inspected the amphibious mammal and, finding she was perfectly healthy, returned her to the water.
    Dandy previously caused a stir when she gate-splashed a paddleboarding lesson on a river in Boston

    Wow, that seal gets around.
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    Initially thinking he was having his leg pulled, PC Green dismissed a suggestion the seal had wriggled out of the nearby River Skirth and up the bank, into the woman's garden.

    "At this time of year the Skirth is only eight feet wide and one and a half feet deep and full of weed - not suitable for a seal," explained PC Green.

    "She must have swum all the way up the main River Witham and then into the River Skirth which is another four miles to us."

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    But PC Green quickly learned that a well-known seal had been swimming up and down the nearby River Witham for over a year, regularly sighted and videoed catching fish.

    "I would say she weighed 60 to 70kg. It was not easy to get her into a kennel in the back of his (the inspector's) van.

    Mr May later contacted Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness, as he could see the seal had an orange tracking tag.

    It revealed the seal was called Dandy Dinmont and was released by the RSPCA into the sea in 2017 after being found at East Mersea Island in Essex.

    Only 60 Kg? Dandy is still a svelte young girl.​a​l
    A common average weight in Great Britain was found to be about 233 kg (514 lb) for males and 154.6 kg (341 lb) for females
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    That long comment looks a little silly if you don't know that the story link was since changed to it from initially being​i​ncolnshire-57916679

    I did like the part of the seal swimming up a 4 mile ditch.

    I also left out this quote by the 72 year old lady

    > Mr Page explained: "We kept our distance and did try to give her some sardines, but I guess she didn't want them in tomato sauce!
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