• I was cruising down the interstate a couple weeks ago at about 80 mph when one (GT-R, not Godzirra)  rolled by me like I was in reverse.  I was surprised when it took the same exit I did and I could see it had a local dealer badge on back. The only expensive vehicles you usually see around here are dually pick 'em ups.

    I can't imagine paying six figures for a car, even if it was well within my budget, but I'm glad there are people that do.
  • I saw one parked once so I had to have a look.  They are not a small car that's for sure.  I been beside a Lamborghini and they are the size of a roller skate in comparison.  I would take the GTR first if I needed to choose or something.  In my next life.
  • Advanced age?  I actually think the Fairlady looks cooler.  And the 280ZX does to a lesser extent, but I have to admit the GTR is fast.

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  • They're so old they should be coming down in price... If I wasn't worried about retirement and all I'd spring for a first gen Cayman. Dark green. Sexiest ass end on a road car I've ever seen. YMMV.

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