• Yeah, your mother did a great job this time, Subby.
  • FTA:  Hachiko was an Akita dog who would wait outside Shibuya Station every day for his master, a professor at the University of Tokyo, to return home. On one fateful day in 1925, however, the professor didn't return home, as he died from a cerebral haemorrhage while at work, yet Hachiko sat there waiting for his master, returning to the station day after day to faithfully await his return.

    Sadly, his master never returned, and Hachiko waited outside the station every day until his death nine years later.

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  • I am not really seeing the... tie-in here. Was that a pun? I dunno. Is this the beanie baby red white and blue patriot 9/11 themed collector's edition?

    Themed shoes are freaking me out. I popped into a few HARDOFF stores yesterday looking for a series of comics that have become very important all of a sudden for the family and passed a case with a set of USED lace up athletic shoes with a price tag of about 400 bucks on them. Uh huh. Used.

    Not being a shoe speculator myself, I kept walking and shook my head a bit.

    Is this the gateway drug for bitcoin? Did generation beanie baby turn into generation shoe turn into generation stonks?

    And shall I leave while stating the obvious? Why not go visit HACHIKO on your own, for real? Go get a 18-kippu from anywhere from Sendai to Kitakyushu and you can make it to Shibuya in half a day for about 20 bucks. Give Hachiko a big slobbery kiss, then get back on the train and go home for that same 20 bucks. Mission accomplished. Keep the shoes. Invest your savings in stonks. Thank me later.
  • Stop talking about my knob when I'm not around.
  • If you look up close to the shoe, it looks like a fine dog hair effect for the tan body. I totally want that pair.

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