• If you want to remember something, you'd best make it important to your brain.  You can do that through dull repetition, actual fascination with the subject matter, or trauma.

    Choose your poison.
  • yes the other older study is already out on this.

    our memory is based largely on an automated system of what we find is important to us.
    You just do remember some stuff without effort, because your personally programed data base of "shiat that matters" ties directly into memory.
    Stuff in your database will be remembered without much effort on your part, stuff not in that database will be a lot of effort to get memorized. best just commit to tons of repetition of it when it lands out past your standards of what matters.

    With me, names are really hard because they don't matter that much. Who a person is, is not their name, the important stuff to know about someone is in who they are not what you call them.As an example, for history, i can recall the great events and important concepts, but who dreamed them up, or what date they happened on, is truly unimportant to know by my POV. The knowledge they impart to the future is good to have, who gave it to us don't really matter at all, if the idea is sound then it is.If you recall the name of some person you knew mattered for some reason, but not why then you have no useful knowledge really.So my data recording automation algorithm, just don't use a name column really. And this means everywhere all the time, names are something that take me a while to commit to memory.

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