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  • Many people believe that the stigma of Friday the 13th dates back to October 13, 1307, when Pope Clement (under pressure from King Philip, who was deeply in debt) ordered the disbanding and arrest of the Knights Templar (the people King Philip owed a lot of money to), with many of their members tortured into false confessions, then burned at the stake. In fact, Fridays were never really liked in the Dark Ages, as many other religious traditions ascribed Friday as being the day Adam and Eve were tossed from the Garden of Eden, the day Cain slew Abel, the day Jesus was crucified, etc. And the number thirteen didn't have a good rep, either - there were 13 people at the Last Supper (one of whom would betray Jesus). Most historians believe the date the Templars were overthrown was merely coincidence. (But that furthers the superstition, doesn't it?)

    There's an urban myth that goes around from time to time about the HMS Friday, which was supposedly launched at some point in the 18th or 19th century to dispel myths about Fridays. The story goes that her keel was laid on a Friday, she was christened on a Friday, and launched on a Friday complete with a Captain Friday at the helm - only to be never heard from again. Regardless of the fact you might have read it in Reader's Digest once while bored at your grandparents' house, it's simply not true. There's never been a ship called the "HMS Friday".

    But there is another similar story you might not have heard, even though it's along the same lines. Captain William Fowler was a maritime pilot in the Boston area in the middle of the 19th Century, and went on to fight for the Union in the Civil War. Through some business dealings, he wound up as proprietor of a watering hole known as Knickerbocker Cottage on 6th Avenue in New York City. And he decided he was going to do something silly. He decided to start the "Thirteen Club", which would meet in Room 13 of the Cottage on the 13th of the month, where thirteen guests would be served a thirteen-course dinner. For good measure, guests would pass under a ladder adorned with a banner reading ""Morituri te Salutamus," the phrase from De vita Caesarummeaning "We who are about to die salute you".

    Well, Fowler might have tempted Fate, but Fortune smiled on him even more. Club Thirteen was a smashing success, even attracting four former US Presidents as members at one time or another. So the moral of the story is if you hear a silly urban myth, put your own spin on it and you can make a fortune. Assuming you already own a popular pub and have lots of rich friends, of course.

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  • The one I got wrong I knew. Right as I clicked I said, No! Wrong answer. Oh well.
  • 8-11 and I never saw Johnny Mnemonic
  • Here's another article about the Thirteen Club, complete with some photos of memorabilia:

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    (Note the thirteen coffin nails)

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    I guess unlike Groucho Marx, Teddy would join a club that would have him as a member.
  • I'm more afraid of Monday the Thirteenths.

    /although today was a total shiatshow at work...
  • Also, I made the top ten scores in both quizzes for the first time in months and months.

    The Hard score won't last (#10 at the moment), but the Easy score might (#5).

    /and :p at freakingmoron
  • bughunter: Also, I made the top ten scores in both quizzes for the first time in months and months.

    The Hard score won't last (#10 at the moment), but the Easy score might (#5).

    /and :p at freakingmoron

    I refuse to do the easy quiz. I fail the hard one like a MAN.

    Like a stupid stupid man.

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