• I saw this movie 40 years ago.

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  • Sounds like hypnagogic hallucinations.  Could be perfectly normal or an early sign of narcolepsy.
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    Looking beyond the visible world.

    So they're chemistry enthusiasts?
  • Not a big believer in the supernatural, however one thing that did happen to me made me think hard about it.  I had this little cat named Cody.  She never grew big, only weighed 6 pounds.  She died at 8 years old from mouth cancer.  Broke my heart!

    Anyway, after that every once in awhile I would feel her jump on the bed, walk around in a circle and settle down to sleep.  At first it really freaked me out!  Then I thought, why should I ever be afraid of a little 6 pound cat that I loved so deeply?  What is really so scary about that?  So she came and came less frequently and only shows up once in a blue moon, but never when my current cat is on the bed already. be it.  Not a religious person, but if when I die she is the first thing I see, it will be so nice to have her in my arms again.
  • That was a stupid read, and I feel stupider now.

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