• I don't know, isn't that whole area a little... iffy?

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  • Or just explain it to those of us who won't do any of that trumpery.
  • Welsh cakes are pretty tasty, never had any welsh whiskey though.
  • You don't "teas" Philadelphia --

    Philadelphia teases YOU!

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  • My sister lived in Bala Cynwyd (the Philly suburb) for a while, and my friends from Wales were a bit honked off when she told them the locals pronounce the second part of the name as "KIN-wood"...the Welsh village it's named after is pronounced "kun-wid" or something like that.

    Ah well...wait till the English hear how Pennsylvanians pronounce "Derby", or check the Scots' reactions to their spelling of "Edinburgh" as "Edinboro".

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