• Thank God it's not PG&E.
  • Not an actual loss, but a tax loss due to depreciation and such.
  • In the states I lived in, utility companies were guaranteed profits as a condition of their exclusive territorial monopolies. Literally under the law they could not run even a paper loss; rate hikes would be rubber-stamped by the utilities regulations board to get them to whatever percent profit the law called for. They issued shares too, and you were guaranteed dividends. Pensioners loved those stocks.

    I guess electrical utilities not making money is just another strike against socialism-communism, and why Trudeau just needs to go so Canada can be liberated for capitalism where we don't allow these things to happen!

  • They have a LOSS IN AVERAGE SHARE PRICE, not a financial loss.  Share price is down 6% but they are doing just fine.

    They made plenty of money. 25.31% net margin profit on the quarter they are reporting with an year to year increase of profits of 641.97%. That's right  -almost 6.5X as much profit as last year.  Net income was up 720%, revenue up 14.5%, cash available 600%, and operating costs down 7.29%.

    The share price is down because they are planning on investing more of that cash into renewable energy so that's less money going into the dividend.
  • Bread314:


    JFC people need electricity to watch streaming and dick around on Fark survive!!  The government should be ensuring its delivery, not letting people milk the grid for money

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