• To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women

    /seriously? no-one?
  • Uranus: /seriously? no-one?

    We can always count on you :)
  • I have so many things to be thankful for. I feel like I've led a charmed life. Sure it's had it's low points, but I made it through them and here I am.
  • Every minute of every day that I am awake I am thankful for the people who have gotten me this far.
  • There are certainly arrogant times where the blinders are on, but I am utterly grateful for the life I've been led and able to live. I'm grateful for the opportunities to make amends for past mistakes, or at least leave less questions from the past :/ Thankful for each teaching moment and blessing. And, thankful for this strange venue of awesomeness.

    And, simply by virtue of being born with access to things like Fark, I think we can mostly be grateful simply for the priveleges of our upbringing in first-world nations*.

    //*Also, France (you know what you did....)
  • We are mostly healthy. The nephews have not gotten into any real trouble. The important people in my life accepted me without question when I came out. I am very fortunate and very appreciative of what we have.
  • Thankful we met the extended family this year over zoom vs in-person.
  • I've been sober a year. I've lost over 60 lbs. I have no job, family, or friends. Working on those last three, but if you've been out of work a while and don't have 10 years experience in a programming language that's existed for five, it adds up to a lot of rejections.
  • Still haven't been put on the cart.
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    I am extremely grateful that I get to snuggle with these two knuckleheads every day.
  • Sunrises. No two are the same and each one changes minute by minute.

    I used to watch them with my dad (a fellow early riser) out the kitchen window. Now it's just me and the dog, and I still love seeing them.
  • Uranus: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women

    /seriously? no-one?

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  • I am grateful that whatever problems I have in my life are so minor that they are mostly not even worth mentioning. So many others have real issues, physical and mental health, money, freedom, housing and many other things that mine pale in comparison.
  • Thankful to have been born where I was, when I was.
    Thankful for being alive during the most advanced medical age (to date).
    Thankful for a mother who taught me to think critically, and thankful for a father who taught me character.
    Thankful for my lovely wife, who makes me a better person every single day.
    Thankful to have always done it exactly the way I've wanted to do it, and have somehow still succeeded.
    Thankful for my privilege. And luck. But mostly privilege.
    Thankful for my dogs that make me smile a hundred times a day
    Thankful for whatever gifts I was bestowed at birth.
    Thankful to even be able to share this.
  • today was the best day of the year. the house was stuffed with loved ones. there was a car full from just outside buffalo ny and a 'relative' up from FLA to our place in SC. i saw a nephew i have not seen in 10 years. lots of hugs, lots of love, lots of food.

    i am happy for the gift of birth that made me an american. this country has been very good to me.
  • I think I redefined gratitude after we broke up in August with my wife of 13 years over her not being in love anymore and got back together two weeks later, because she found out she was after all. We haven't been this close since 2009 and are currently planning a third kid.
    I started medical school this September, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it (I'm 40, so it seems it's never too late).
    I found out last summer I'm part Jewish, so now I have a religion I actually feel good practicing (I've always wanted to be Jewish, and always felt Jewish).

    The last almost two years have been really, really rough, but I'm kind of feeling super great about my life at this point. So yeah, I'm grateful any given day that I'm still living it.
  • My wonderful wife, our children & 3 grandchildren!!
  • For me it's the kids.  They are probably the one thing in my life I am happiest with and as invested in.  Yeah i would like things to be better but at least I know they are taken care of and loved.

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