• Puny Charles III is no match for Elon the Technoking.
  • Honestly? Charlie owns way too much shiat. I have trouble picking a side here.
  • Elon shouldn't have to pay because they're shouldn't even be landlords.  You can't, just like, lord land.
  • You can tell Hairplugs spent his pre-Tesla years having Blood Emerald Daddy pay for everything.

    Dumbass, just because you're not sending out rent checks doesn't mean you don't owe Mr. Landlord.

    It'd be nice if folks stop placating this manbaby and just send the movers to throw Twitter's shiat out on the farking street.
  • Step 1: invite Ox over to discuss it
    Step 2: throw him in the Tower of London
    Step 3: respect for monarchy rebounds
  • Recent estimates of King Charles' net worth put it at perhaps USD 420 million. His late mother's net worth at the time of her death has been put at around USD 500 million.

    As such, the King's personal wealth actually made him among Europe's poorer monarchs; the crowned heads of Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Monaco have net worths into the billions of USD.

    And, of course, Elmo is richer than all of them combined; even with the plunge in Twitter's value he's still worth around USD 126 billion.

    Oh, and by the way, Charles pays taxes to his own treasury on many of his assets, by the terms of a memorandum his mother reached with her government in 1993, even though as sovereign neither she no he were obliged to pay tax.

    So if I must choose a side, it will be the side of the King of Canada. Vive le roi.
  • Stopped paying attention at "Elmo". If you can't make a valid point without resorting to petty name calling, then you aren't worth paying attention to. Grow up, Fark.

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