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  • faethe: I don't like to dismiss the believers as liars, either. What I meant by "huckster" is that some of these people make a career of their UFO beliefs & theories. And that's fine, but they do seem to spin crazier stories as time goes by, usually making the original stories ultimately seem laughable even if they were pretty compelling when first told.

    A good example is Whitley Strieber. That "Communion" book scared the shiat out of me -- I've noticed a bunch of other Farkers have said they were scared of just the cover painting, which was truly creepy -- and I don't take the abduction stuff seriously ... although I understand why other researchers like Dr. John Mack found it worthy of study. (He was a Harvard psychologist & M.D. who spent a lot of time studying the abduction phenomena & got a lot of shiat for even touching the subject. He was killed in London in September. Many ufologists are troubled by this, and the fact that his interview for the ABC Peter Jennings' UFO documentary was cut at the last minute.) Anyway, Strieber just kept getting weirder & weirder, and now he's a fringe figure, a subject of ridicule. It seems to go with the territory.

    Of course, your government has been working to make Ufologists seem like nuts since the 1940s, so it should surprise no-one that even a very credible UFO researcher eventually becomes a "nutbag." Or that researchers are so determined to find the "holy grail" that they are suckered by bogus materials. (Read "Out There," a very serious & interesting book by investigative reporter & former New York Times' espionage guy Howard Blum. The whole thing is interesting & weird, but the last section deals with what appears to be USAF counter-intel agents feeding the "Majestic / MJ-12" documents to gung-ho researchers with just enough type & stylistic problems to make the whole idea of MJ-12 a national joke ... if it sounds familiar, the same tactic was used on CBS News on the G.W. Bush AWOL story: everybody forgot the facts of the story and became obsessed with the fonts. Highly effective.)

    Anyway, what you said about the ufo believers & "abductees" is interesting. I guess they really are something similar to a new religion, and over time the stories & experiences do start to fit the accepted believers' doctrine, and they often feel the need to preach to others about these beliefs, or feel part of a larger universe as a result of these real or imagined experiences. That said, I find the testimony of pilots and retired military & astronauts (and other "no nonsense" professionals) to be the most compelling, because they seem to be least likely to attach spiritual significance to their sightings.

    SpacePunk: That is one crazy story. (Or two stories.) Similar things have been seen around Nellis and the Nuke Test Range north of Vegas. I'd sure like to see something like that ... and I believe I'd give the same answer as you should security come around: "Nope, I saw nothin' at all." What I have seen is the same thing neelb420 described. Sober as a nun, driving through the desert with my wife in the twilight hour. I have no idea what it was & offer no theories, but it was spectacular. (As for those who always chime in with, "Where's the video?", I challenge you to pull off the highway, grab the camera and get pictures or video of such a thing before it shoots off like a rocket. I tried ... it's like the damn things know when you're looking at them.)
  • I am a commercial pilot. From 1998-2003 I flew cargo at night in southern Ontario. There are a couple of US Airforce bases nearby in Michigan, and a large section of Lake Huron is designated a military training area.

    One night my copilot and I were headed toward Lake Huron on the way home after a quick cargo run, and we saw glowing orange triangles hovering and moving and great speed in the air across the lake.

    I wasn't going to say anything to ATC, 'cause I didn't want them to get my aviation medical taken away when I landed, but the air traffic controller talked to us after a few minutes.

    "Hey, do you guys see anything going on over Lake Huron?"
    "Umm, now that you mention it, we do"
    "Can you tell me what it is? I am getting highspeed radar returns all up and down the lake"
    "Umm...glowing orange triangles. I think our friends down south have a new toy"

    I vividly remember what they looked like, and guess what? They match the pics on the site.
  • I'm glad Fark posted my link. Now if some Area 51 employee would spill there guts, the thread would be complete.
  • you have to 'see' one to believe they exist?

    so many say they believe in god but have never seen him.

    nazi germany developed many lenticular flying vehicles using jet vectored thrust.

    -who do you think they went to work for after the war?

    the ufo/alien cover story is disinformation for the nwo.

    stanton friedman...bob lazar(who used to own a brothel) and the like, are nwo schills, perpetuating the 'alien' lie.

    i don't doubt that there may be life other than ours in the universe...but why would they come here, if not to rule us?

    a benevolent race would not interfere in our natural development.

    as for me...i put my faith in our true king.


    arm yourselves with prayer...for guns and weapons mean nothing.

    i have seen two ufos in my was the size and shape of a was glowing and had sparkling pieces inside it.

    the other was a triangular shape...that hovered above me at a height of about three hundred feet.

    it made no sound.
  • "The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive
    plasma with the resulting gravity disruption."

    I'd like to see a material that can achieve a plasma state at only 150 degrees Kelvin. That would be about 123 degrees below zero celcius. And as far as superconducting is concerned, I don't believe we have produced anything yet that can superconduct at as high a temperature as 150 Kelvin. Of course I'm sure some of the other Farkers more knowledgable about physics than me will offer input....
  • Well here's my take on all this kind of business, it's one of 3 things.

    1. Total BS that people want to believe so badly they just perpetuate it to try to convince themselves.

    2. The U.S. government has some projects that are involve technology beyond what is currently presumed possible.

    3. It really is extraterrestrial in origin.

    Of those three choices, number one and two are the most likely. Of number one and two, in my opinion, number two is the most likely. Look at the track record of the US Government with regard to things such as the development of the atomic bomb, the A-12/SR-71, the F-117, and the B-2. There is a clearly established history that the US govermnent likes to be sneaky with regard to things like this, particularly aviation assets.

    I'm not suggesting the site originally posted is credible or correct, but at the same time, I wouldn't completely discount the capability of mankind with a big enough research budget.


    "The plasma, mercury based, is pressurized at 250,000 atmospheres at a temperature of 150 degrees Kelvin, and accelerated to 50,000 rpm to create a super-conductive
    plasma with the resulting gravity disruption."

    I agree with ya there, that's a bunch of crap. at 250,000atm, (which is a hell of a lot of pressure anyway) pretty much anything is going to be a liquid not a plasma. I'm open to anyone pointing out some evidence that proves otherwise, but I'm guessing you won't find a plasma at that pressure at that temperature.

    Also, you don't use the unit degrees with Kelvin, it would just be 150 Kelvin.
  • Bauer:

    i don't doubt that there may be life other than ours in the universe...but why would they come here, if not to rule us?

    a benevolent race would not interfere in our natural development.

    You are making up theories and you know nothing about the reason for their existance or why they would come here, SO DON'T EVEN TRY. Everyone says why would they show up and not make themselves present. However, you hit it dead on, they haven't interefered with our development. They don't want to rule people, you pay to much attention to Hollywood...and churches. Christ was just another guy, maybe more enlightened than most, maybe not, but not the son of God. This would go against the idea of spiritual equality.

    As for this stupid article, just lots of disinformation trying to explain UFO's, without admitting we aren't alone, or that we are approaching a changing period in our human evolution. That's ok, just ignore psychadelics, go back to your careers, and automobiles, and bank and school life, nothing will ever change, it'll be this way forever. Yeah right, stupids.
  • Been doing much DMT, Touchyournose? Know where I can get some?
  • Best video evidence? My favorites:
    The Disclosure Project
    UFO - The Secret NASA Transmissions "The Smoking Gun"
    Close Encounters - Proof of Alien Contact
  • Is it just me or does it look like a coaster?
  • 7FootJesus:Man, it's still on my to do list. However, there are ways to legally prepare ayahuasca in America. You can order some natural products containing DMT (like Yopo tree nuts) and MAO Inhibitors, mix one of each together. There are some online shops in the UK that can send them, here's one. I found another one that was more concise but I lost it.

    Can't wait to meet the elves.
  • Ok, ok. Here's some more info. The whole thing about mercury plasma is a cover story.

    It's really a rapidly spinning Bose-Einstein condensate. It decouples the reference frame of the craft from local space. It reduces the inertia of the craft, not the mass. You need all the electrical power to keep the condensate cold, to spin it (the motion itself heats the condensate, so you're sort of fighting yourself), to keep the containment system running (you can't let it hit the walls) and to torque the spinning plasma when you maneuver, it wants to slam into the containment when you pitch or roll. You have to apply power to displace it. You also have counterrotating rings so the gyroscopic effect doesn't keep you from maneuvering.

    /my score: 4 truths, 4 lies in this thread so far. Heh.
  • Oh, BTW, that Peter Jennings report sucked big time. I was expecting to see some of this recent evidence, and ha, it wasn't there. We sure can't have any videos of multitudes of little orbs floating around in space, or any large craft, all these showed was like one video of the event in phoenix.

    Nice one trying to make it look like you gave it serious consideration. I'm sick of all these liars.
  • Looks like a wireless router to me...
  • Erewon. What you say makes me fear for your safety LMAO.
  • Wizzywig: Erewon. What you say makes me fear for your safety LMAO.

    No one ever listens. The signal to noise ratio is a close approximation to 0. Other than you, no one has ever commented on anything I post in one of these threads. The only way to get someone to pay attention is to photoshop it onto a fake MJ12 document.

    Hey, want to know what that donut trail is? (crickets)

    Look look, it's one of my neat project patches! (crickets)

    Hey, you can use evoked negative energy states for thrust in a positively curved space! (crickets)

    The disinfo guys have done such a wonderful job. It's really funny. I know I shouldn't do it but it's really tough to not. I saw an intelligence guy at AFFTC drop the whole dime (well maybe 6 cents of it) on someone once with a smile on his face and the reporter just farking ignored it as a joke.

    bla bla BEC bla bla dereferencing angles bla bla alteration of apparent C as the cosine of the dereferencing angle bla bla derivation of thrust from space curvature using negative energy states bla bla and there you have it, sir

    Yeah, yeah, funny. Now, tell me the TRUTH about MJ12!

    MJ12 is a bogus sack of crap we made up to throw you off

    I'll find the truth, it's out there somewhere!

    Have a nice day. See, Tom? You can tell them the truth and they won't listen, if it doesn't have aliens or conspiracies attached. It's farkin' unnatural.

    Next thread: Neat things that happen when your decoupling angle approaches 90 degrees ana or kata. Bad things that happen if you reach it. (buh bye!) The negative biological effects of temporal rate gradients. And more! Ignorage factor: 100%

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