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    Yeah, and yellower, too.
  • "Boy! You must have seen in swimming when it was cold, cause I ain't no boy!"

    --Redd Foxx, in response to a back stage security guard in Alabama, who called him "boy." c. 1962
  • You have to believe the guys in the article.
    They are marine biologists.
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    What is that, a Titleist?
  • "fish and other aquatic organisms provide 3 billion people with at least 15 percent of their animal protein intake"
    "animals in water decrease in size by 5 percent for every degree Celsius of warming, similarly sized species on land shrink, on average, by just half a percent"

    According to the US Department of Agriculture food guide, proteins should constitute 26 percent of your daily caloric intake.

    So we would lose 15% of 15% of 26% of the calorific content for half the people with a 3 degree warming? (assuming all protein is animal, which it is not)

    That`s a loss of 0.2925% of the food we eat globally. Have a handful of beans once a week, that should sort it out.

    It is said that "Products from food animals provide over 33 percent of protein consumed in human diets globally" so it`s a third of that... A handful of beans once every three weeks?

    Scaremongering stories are scaremongering...

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