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  • What kind of dumb-ass leaves a jar with $1000 cash in it sitting around out in the open? Put it in the farking safe when you close for the night.
  • I'm going to go to the local shopping center and set up a table for a donation jar for the holidays for a local "poor" family with our photo on the front and see if anyone notices.

    /$5 a months is a LOT!!!
  • I can only assume it was an atheist in retaliation for a nativity scene not being taken down.
  • Link

    This would be funnier if a fat guy on a moped caught the robber.
  • Some people will do anything to get Biden that Trans Am.
  • That time of year again already?
    I got the green last year on this recurring event.
    Freakin bunch of savages out there.
  • Ihear some people steal bikes too.
  • The thief stealing the money probably needs it more and will spend it more effectively than the rich board members running the charity drive....
  • In Florida, one does not simply leave a jar of unattended monies visible behind glass after business hours. That is what the pillheads call "a freebie".
  • I volunteer for an animal rescue group and we have had our donation jars stolen twice. Both times it was in the middle of the day, at adoption sites, with people around. It made the news both times and brought in a flood of donations, much much more than was in the jars.

    Yes, it did occur to me that we should have the jars "stolen" more often and no we're not going to do that.

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