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  • Let me guess. Beard got caught in gear
    *clicks link*

    People never learn..........
  • As God as my witness, I thought Santa could fly.

  • less so when rappelling from shopping center ceilings

    He's San-tactical!

    Nice recovery by the announcer, btw.
  • ♪ ♫ Santa Claus is coming.....totheLakeSideMall!!! ♪ ♫

  • So there's a Santa display like this at my local mall too, with a candy and a cooky store right near the whole 'Santa display.' That's just awesome targeted sales strategy, even better than MickeyD's for targeting children. I wish I had a mind for sales like that, I'd be rich in a heartbeat.
  • Dear Santa

    1) Always back up your abseil with a prussik. If you lose control it will stop you. If your belay/rappel device breaks it will save you. In your case, it would allow you the safe use of both hands to untangle your beard or....

    2) Always have 2 prussiks on your harness so you can ascend the rope if you get something stuck in your belay device.

    Best Regards

    The NAR

    I learned #2 the hard way 600 ft. off the deck with my glove welded in between the rope and belay device....on a particularly blank rappel....good times....

    Surprised that whomever rigged Santa's rappel overlooked the back up. Having poor old santa fall to his demise in front of all the kiddies...well... would be terrible form. Rappelling is the most dangerous part of climbing and any redundancies you can add are worthwhile. I would way rather walk off a climb or down climb before I will rap. That said, lots of climbs leave you with no choice, so I do it as safely as possible.

    imageshack.usView Full Size

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    Top pic shows the prussik (yellow cord) on the blue climbing rope.
    Next two show the prussik used to back up a rap.

    /knot geek
    //love rigging
    ///rigger please :D
  • Should have had a knife on him so he could cut his beard out. I think that counts as a work-related reason even under the relatively harsh UK knife laws. Instead, he had to wait for the soldier (or is it Marine?) to cut him out with a dinky pair of scissors.

  • TV's Vinnie: ♪ ♫ Santa Claus is coming.....totheLakeSideMall!!! ♪ ♫


    Married With Children is not obscure on Fark my friend.
  • New Age Redneck

    .... Rappelling is the most dangerous part of climbing..
    Really? Why?
  • OnlyM3

    .... Rappelling is the most dangerous part of climbing..

    Really? Why?

    Basically with rappelling you trust everything to the gear.

    If you watched santa there, he has no back up (see my pictures). If you notice that as well if he let go of his braking hand he would free fall, if I let go with my braking hand my prussik knot catches and I stop. If my belay device fails, the prussik connects me to the rope, santa will fall. So, in the mountains if you got pasted by a falling stone on your braking hand or whatever with no back up you will die. Many rappelling accidents involve rappelling of the end of your rope, people forgo back ups and tying a knot in the ends of the rope(s), usually in a hurry or darkness. Fatigue enters the equation in abseil accidents as it is usually after a long climb you are descending by rappel. Anchor failure is pretty much always catastrophic, that said it is less usual than going off the ends of the rope. In limestone mountains like the Canadian Rockies when you pull you ropes down you are likely to dislodge rocks which create serious hazard to you as well as your rope. Stuck ropes are another cause of problems as you usually wind up soloing to go up and free your rope....

    Rappelling is a necessary mountain skill, and can be rendered safe as possible using common sense and redundant systems. That said, I always prefer walk-offs or downclimbing (another good skill to possess).

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