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  • Dunno about the Caviar... (never had it before) but escargot on tap sounds LOVELY!!! Bought a case of them a couple yrs back... love love love the snails in garlic butter..... We had escargot at least 1-2 times a week for damn near a year. Love them bastids.....

    I'll try fish eggs sometime, but not high on the list. (yeah, I will eat snails, but not that... I get it...)
  • Pardon me, but do they have any Grey Poupon?
  • That was one of the briefest, least informative articles I've ever seen. It's slightly better than fbxrd.
  • No subby, we won't get flying cars. It's for the best that we don't though. Most people don't know how to drive. You add in another dimension for transportation and then we'd all be screwed.

    /Jetpacks on the other hand won't cause as much colatteral damage.
  • I don't trust gourmet foods in a can.
  • I swear I read that as "cadaver" and was like WTF?!?!?
  • "This shiat tastes like fish eggs."
  • We get flying cars and civilization as we know it will collapse. Have you seen how people drive?
  • Lady Littlehampton in a posh shop, possibly Harrods of London (one panel cartoon by Osbert Lancaster):

    You know, the size of tin that fits in a coronet with room for an apple and a packet of biscuits.

    Ha! ha! Titled English Aristocrat problems!

    This is from a cartoon on the subject of the Coronation (1953) of Elizabeth the First. Apparently some of the older dukes needed a snack to get them through hours of ceremony. I love Osbert Lancaser and the Littlehamptons. They were probably the most realistic Duke and Duchess ever drawn by a popular cartoonist. He didn't have much of a personality, but she sure had enough for both of them.

    One of my favourite cartoons was Lady Littlehampton opining on the Homosexual Issue (about 1957), at a cocktail party: "I love the way they (MPs) all manage to talk about homosexuals as if they didn't know any personally."

    She was a great character, a bit sharp of nose and tongue, but loveable withall. She ran for office as a Liberal, which at that time was rather whimsical and quaint, the Liberal Party having declined after breaking into about four pieces, including the Labour Party.

    Osbert Lancaster is also known for his architectural drawings. One of my favourite of these is actually two drawing on successive pages showing Nazi architecture and Communist architecture: they are identical buildings except for the political markings. The only flip-page architecture joke in the history of the world, probably.

    I just noticed the acronym for Titled English Aristocrat is TEA. Hullo! I can't come, I'm afraid. I'm having a very posh TEA for tea at four.
  • I've had several kinds of caviar ranging from nasty lumpfish roe (cheap) to the real thing (ok, as long as somebody else is paying. I'll eat half a pound of it if you are paying).

    In between, you can eat salmon roe (orange-pink) if you catch a female salmon or buy it in bottles (where the price is intermediate between cheap and ungodly).

    My Mother bought some real sturgeon caviar for my grandfather once as a present. She later watched with great interest as he fed it to the cat (a nasty feline warrior such as Nanny Og and my Grandmother loved). She doesn't know to this day if he tried it and didn't like it or thought it was off because of the colour.

    I don't think intentional insult was very likely at all. (It's also unlikely he had any idea what it cost.) People like my Mother. There's not much to dislike about her unless she is on the warpath and that only happens when you do somethng seriously wrong.

    It was a good gift gone wrong. He did like salmon roe, as I have seen him eat it straight from the salmon. He smoked salmon, too. Very good at it. Made a present of a salmon to a local billionaire once.

    Salmon smoking is not hard to do, but it takes time and an investment as you have to build a smoke house (or find something you can use as a smokehouse). The idiots across the road emulated my Grandfaher's smoke house (only with poached salmon) but spoiled their smokehouse by burning tires in it. (Irish hillbillies, very dim.)

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