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  • Ang Lee is adamant that used intelligently 3D has now earned its place in drama: "Maybe because the 3D experience is still new, it does confuse some audiences

    3D movies have been around since the '50s. And they're annoying.
  • Avatar was awesome in 3D.
  • I have yet to see one.
  • Mugato: Ang Lee is adamant that used intelligently 3D has now earned its place in drama: "Maybe because the 3D experience is still new, it does confuse some audiences

    3D movies have been around since the '50s. And they're annoying.

    Popcorn Johnny: Avatar was awesome in 3D.

    You are both correct in a way.  3D in general is very annoying.  Mearly a gimmick to charge more.  However, when used to "bring the enviroment alive" so to speak, instead of just popping out at you, then it can really earn it's place and is well worth the extra money.  Good Examples: Avatar, Life of Pi  Bad Examples:  Just about anything else.
  • People are done with 3D movies, probably because of the insane nausea they cause to their wallets

  • It also tends to make everything look too dark.

    And I wear glasses so fitting a second pair over the first is always a pain in the ass.
  • Also: the only time I seem to really notice it is when there are VERY small objects on the screen.

    Ash falling and insects in Avatar.

    A super long shot of the ship moving across the screen in Prometheus.
  • Good. its a wretched gimmick.
  • I saw The Hobbit in 3D, not because I wanted to but because the theater I wanted to go to has only one screen and they were playing it in 3D. I'm generally not a fan, doubly so of the increased ticket price, but it didn't really bother me this time around. Other than a few glaring things flying out of the screen, after a few minutes I completely forgot about the 3D at all.

    I also wear glasses and yes, it is a royal pain in the ass to wear a second, poor fitting pair over the first.
  • same old story..
    inny versus outie

    Only in this case the outie is the freak.
  • I have yet to see a movie in theaters.. but only cause I don't see any movies in the theaters. I am also to poor to own a 3d tv.
    ...but I want one.. I want a good passive 3d tv. I have an HTC Evo 3d and I love using the Phereo app to sift through thousands of 3d images other people have taken. Despite losing toughly half the resolution of the screen for the 3d effect, I see more detail from 3d pictures and movies just because they are in 3d vs high res 2d.

    What annoys me and is why I have not bothered with downloading and viewing 3d hollywood movies on it is aside from avatar, MOST live action hollywood movies are 2d and turned into 3d in post production which is crap.
    3d May not be the hotness for hollywood movies and 3d.. but making your own is easy and the results can be stunning. Also IMO it is best to start taking 3d photos as soon as possible.. 3d display tech will only get better.
  • I go to watch movies.. 3d glasses and effects are as much of an unwanted and annoying distraction as the girl playing on her mobile in the next row.
  • The glassese give me a headache.
  • People are done with 3D movies, probably because of the jacked up prices of the tickets and the poor use of the technology.

    I read Avatar had a weak story so the 3D wasn't going to lure me to pay top dollar on a gimmick. Hugo was a good story though and used 3D pretty well. And though I skipped Avatar for the reasons I gave, I was excited to see Promethius because it was supposed to be an Alien prequel, so I paid to see it in 3D. What I paid for was to see a movie with a weak story but great use of 3D. So because of Promethius I definitely won't see another 3D film.
  • I can't even see 3D (something with my eyes, forget what my eye doctor called it) so it is very annoying when a movie is only in 3D. Worse I still have to wear those dumb glasses over my eyeglasses else the movie is all fuzzy. Feh!
  • Kramer vs. Kramer in 3D was the shiznit.
  • I'm willing to bet that this has just as much to do with the extra $2.50 (here in Detroit anyhow) per head they want for the '3D' experience as anything else.
  • I just saw The Life of Pi in 3D. The 3D did absolutely NOTHING for the movie at all.

    Now Avatar in 3D? That was actually worth it especially since some of the stuff in the movie was supposed to be holographic. Minority Report might actually be good in 3D but if you took something like "You've Got Mail" and converted it into 3D it'd be a wholesale waste of money.
  • Wadded Beef: Kramer vs. Kramer in 3D was the shiznit.

    The 3D re-release of Caddy Shack makes the clubs pop right out of the screen!
  • Me laughs at all the people that bought 3d TV's...
  • Depends on the movie.

    In one resident evil movie, the 3d was just distracting, I recall a specific scene where a knife came through the door next to a person's head, the 3d was keyed to focus on the person's face, whereas my mind was trying to focus on the knifepoint, very disorienting.

    On the flip side, I saw another movie (that I don't recall the name of) and the 3d was very well done, they used it very sparingly (mostly to separate foreground from background) and it worked well.
  • If they'd stop giving out child sized glasses to everyone, 3D films might be bearable.

    I am an adult. A huge adult. It's not fun having to snap the glasses into pieces and just hold them on my face for 2 hours because the things are so tight they cause migraines.
  • I get a terrible migraine from 3D movies so I try to watch movies in 2D. It's also a pain to wear 3d glasses over my own pair. I really wanted to watch Life Of Pi but all the local theaters had 3D only.
  • They trot this "3d" bullshiat out and sell it to a new group of suckers every 20 years. It always dies, because its farking dumb.

    In 20 years when you can get a retina display density 90" wall tv 8000x6000 pixel panel so sharp and clear it's photorealistic, they won't need stupid nausea inducing perceptual tricks, just powerful gpu's and intelligent post processing in your media playing software. It might be cool at that point. The current tech isn't fundamentally different from cheesy 70s and 80s 3d.

    It sucks, and everyone that loves it sucks and should die :p
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