The Forums

Fark provides several Forums for open discussions centered around a particular topic. They are open to everyone and are not run by any particular person or group. We suggest "lurking" for a while to observe the ebb and flow of the discussions.:

The Categories

  • Main - The Main page of Fark. It's not news, it's Fark.
  • Sports - All things sporting.
  • Business - All things related to business, finance, etc.
  • Entertainment - All things in the entertainment industry (including music).
  • Geek - All things related to technology or any other geek interests.
  • Politics - All things related to politics in the US and abroad.
  • Discussion - Random discussions about anything Fark-worthy that doesn't fit the other categories. Also live events.

Additional Categories

  • All Latest - The most recent 5 links from every section on one convenient page.
  • All Contests - Current and Upcoming contests
  • Press/Publicity - See Fark in the news!
  • Fark Book - How the Media tries to pass of crap as news.
  • Fark Parties - All upcoming and recent parties.
  • Fark Quiz - A new quiz every week to test your Fark cred
  • TotalFark - More Fark than you ever thought possible.
  • My Fark - Change your personal preferences, account settings, and manage your TotalFark features and tools here.