Quick Answers

How do I Farkback? (i.e., how do I contact someone at Fark?)

Click the "Contact Us" link on any Fark page. It'll either be at the top of the page (desktop/full site view), or under the "MENU" option (mobile view). There is also a "Contact Us via Farkback" link on the bottom of all pages. (Or just click here.) Fill out the form and submit it. We're a small team, so please be patient with us. We likely won't be able to respond immediately (but we usually do so within a couple days)*. You're receive your response in email, so make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder just in case our reply ends up there.

(Yes, it says "Contact Us" and not "Farkback." The internet has largely settled on "Contact Us" as being a standard thing to look for when you're trying to get in touch with someone at a company. But "Farkback" is what we've always called it, and what other Farkers will tell you to do when you're having issues with your account, or if you're experiencing a technical issue, or if you're stuck to your chair and need help.)

* If you are reporting a bad comment, please use the radioactive icon on the right side of the comment header. If you're reporting the comment thread in general, or issues with the link, please use the links in the red banner at the bottom of the page. (These options are only available if you're logged into your Fark account.) We can't reply to these, but you can see the status of your reports by going to our 911 page.

I want to create an account

  • To confirm your account, you need to respond to the email sent to the address you provided during creation.

If you do not receive that message, check your junk/bunk folders in case it was accidentally marked as spam.

If you lost the confirmation email, you can still confirm the account by doing this:

  1. click on MyFark link (or go directly to https://www.fark.com/users).
  2. click on the Recent link at the top.

You'll see the system message about the account not being confirmed. You can re-send yourself the confirmation email by clicking on the blue text.

If that address is incorrect - or has changed - you can correct it by clicking on the Edit link at the top of the page and replacing the old address with the new one (don't forget to re-enter your password at the bottom of the page before you click the 'Save profile changes' button)

Then go back to Recent and it should issue a new confirmation email. After you reply to the confirmation email, you can post right away, though posts made in the first few hours will go through a manual review process and will appear only to you in the interim, as a protection against spammers and trolls.

I lost my Farking password.

If you forget what yours is, all you have to do is fill out the Forgot Password form. If you have any problems, contact Farkback and let us know.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If your email is provided by an anonymizing service or requires approval before delivery you will not be able to recover your password.
  • Always choose a secure password. If your password is easily guessed and someone comes along and steals your account, you will not be able to recover that account - even if it's a TotalFark account. You will not receive a refund for a stolen TotalFark account. Stolen accounts are locked-down permanently, so keep that in mind when choosing a password.
  • Change your password often. Just click on the My Fark tab and fill in the blanks.
  • Be sure that your spam filters allow email notifications from Fark.

I want to submit a link.

Use our submission form.

I submitted a link and I don't see it on Fark's main page.

Only a small percentage of the submitted links are hand-picked for Fark's front page. See the Submitting Links section for some hints on how to improve your chances.

I want to buy a banner ad.

Use Farkback to contact our sales staff.

I want to know what's OK to post and what isn't.

See our Posting Rules.

I want to post images and links in my comments.

See our Basic HTML guide.

I want to post a Photoshop.

See our Photoshop FAQ.

I want to post my Farktography entry.

See our Farktography FAQ.

I want to sign up for TotalFark.

Try the TotalFark Signup form.

I'm short on beer money and have to cancel my TotalFark subscription.

To cancel, go to your myFark profile.

  • If you're on mobile, look for the line that says, "Cancel TF recurring subscription," and tap on "Show List."
  • If you're on the full site, click the "Memberships" tab on the top. Click on either the "cancel" link under "TotalFark subscription" on the left, or click on the "Cancel recurring subscription" link underneath your subscription description. (They go to the same place.)

On the next page, you'll see a list of your recurring subscriptions (including sponsorships if you have any) and you can cancel individual recurring subscriptions on that page.

I can't post a comment.

If you are having trouble posting or submitting links, check the Technical Questions section of this FAQ or fill out the Farkback form.

Is your account new? Has it been confirmed via email? New accounts must be unlocked by replying to the confirmation email sent to you at sign up time. If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your Junk/Bulk mail folders first just in case it was filtered out as spam. To have a confirmation email re-issued, simply click on the My Fark Tab and then click on "re-send the confirmation email" to have another confirmation message sent to your address.

After the confirmation email step has been completed, comment posting is immediately enabled. (We used to make new users wait 24 hours before January 2010, and 6 hours before January 2015.) However, due to anti-spam measures, some comments may not appear to all users right away.

Are you running NoScript on Firefox? This question and answer in our Technical Questions section may help.

I tried clicking on comments for a link and it said it was for TotalFarkers only.

Most of the time, this is because one of us wasn't paying attention (or was drunk) and posted two links to the same story to the front page of Fark. Once we take the duplicate link down, it takes a few minutes for the link to disappear from the page. If you're using our RSS feed, it may not disappear at all. That's normal.

I can't log in to TotalFark.

If you are having trouble logging in, check the Technical Questions section of this FAQ or fill out the Farkback form.

Does Fark have an RSS feed?

Yes. It's here.

  • The RSS is intended as a convenience only. Attempting to create a duplicate of Fark will result in the issuance of a C&D.

How do I search for old Fark articles?

We have a headline search feature. Just enter some words out of the headline and it'll find everything that matches. TotalFark subscribers can search redlit links too.

Only headlines are searchable. We have no plans to make comments searchable.

Search terms can be individual words, a double-quoted phrase, or you can build combinations using parentheses and boolean operators. A plus sign in front of a word means the word must appear in the results, a minus means it must not. Common words like "and" and "the" are ignored. In general, it works pretty much like Google does.

Searches can be limited to URL's by using search terms like +url:google.com. That is the only field currently searchable like that, though.

For the advanced users wanting tips on more obscure search syntax, Xapian is what we're actually using under the hood.

I don't like my login anymore and want it changed/deleted.

We can't help you out with that one, unfortunately. We don't delete logins and we don't change account names. Unused or seemingly abandoned accounts are not available for "recycling."

How can I get Fark's links to my site to say something other than just "Some Guy"?

See the very next question... :-)

I want to submit a source icon for my website.

Tired of being "Some Guy"? Improve your image by submitting a source icon for your site. There are only three requirements for this:

  • Your image must be exactly 154 pixels wide by 54 pixels high and under 10k in size. Acceptable formats are .png, .gif, and .jpg.
  • You must include the full URL of your site. If there's more than one URL, list them all.
  • Your image must comply with the rules listed in the posting rules.

Submit your source icons via Farkback, selecting 'Other' as the Comment Type. Uploaded your source icon by clicking the 'Choose File' button next to 'Optional screenshot'. All source icons are subject to approval and/or modification. Not all source images will be approved, so don't take it personally if yours is rejected.

Fark looks weird in my browser.

This is covered in our Tech FAQ.

Why is there a red horizontal line above certain posts, especially my own?

The red line marks the boundary between new posts you haven't read and old ones you have.

Immediately after posting a new comment, the only new post is the one you just made, so the red separator line appears above that.

You can turn it off or change its color in your profile.

Where did the HTML assistant buttons for posting comments disappear to?

Most likely you have disabled Javascript in your browser, or are using a browser blugin that selectively blocks it (like NoScript for Firefox). If Javascript is working, you may have simply disabled it in your profile; there's a checkbox to enable/disable it in your MyFark profile.

Why can I only submit some New York Times articles and not others?

Some URL's on nytimes.com redirect to other nytimes.com URL's, and for some reason, their redirect script requires cookies. The link validation tool we use ignores cookies, so the redirect fails and the link gets rejected. We don't yet know what the pattern is as far as which URL's work and which ones don't.

I want to ask a question that's not on this list.

Contact Farkback

Does Drew have a contingency plan for Fark in the event of zombies?

No plans in the event of zombies, we're just all screwed

Is there a Fark app for iOS/Android?

We have an app in the Apple App Store for iOS. Our official app is "Hey! on Fark.com!" In addition to reading/commenting and your other normal Fark actions, you can set up Push Notifications for anything you want. You can choose to get notified whenever we post a story with the Florida tag, or when something new is on the Geek tab, or when a headline or story mentions "Astronomy", or when people mention you in comments. You also get a view of just those items that you wanted to be notified of - it's like your own customized view of Fark, with just the stuff you really care about.

We do not have an Android app just yet, but we're working on it.

Why do I see a thread split into multiple pages, even when I have pagination turned off?

Once a thread gets past a certain size, it forces pagination mode, because loading a huge comment thread all on one page is waaaay too slow.

Aside from database load (at our end), once you get past several megabytes worth of HTML and images, browser memory consumption (at your end) increases, and starts to cause performance problems if your PC doesn't have enough memory... and even if it does, 32-bit browsers will crash once memory usage goes past a certain point.

If you know you have enough memory to handle it, you can raise the number of comments per page in your MyFark profile to maximize the number of comments that appear per page.

How can I help track down a bad ad?

We work very hard to keep Fark clean of bad ads. However, we don't hand-pick our ads. Like most other sites our size, we work with programmatic advertising partners. Google AdX is one, but we work with a few others. Programmatic advertising networks will often fill some of the inventory with their own ads, but also pass some ad impressions on to their own advertising networks, and so on down the line. This is why bad ads are sometimes hard to track down.

When a bad ad does slip through, we want to be able to track it down and kill it as fast as possible (and punish those responsible). So we've added small 'Report' links next to each ad on the 'full site' version of Fark (the one you get on your computer, or on your mobile device if you click the link to see the 'full site' layout). These links will capture the ad trace for the ad in question and send it to us. If you see a bad ad in between headlines or comments on our mobile site (m.fark.com pages), please take a screenshot and upload it to Farkback. If the small rectangular ad at the bottom of the page is doing something it shouldn't be (expanding bigger than the rectangle it is in, autoplaying audio, showing NSFW ads, etc), please click the 'Close' button and you'll see an option to 'Report' the ad to us.

We cannot see the ad you see! So in order to track down the bad ad, it's important that you provide us with some extra information. In either the 'report' window or the Farkback page, please also provide the following:

  • Your location (e.g., Lexington, KY).
  • Destination URL of the ad. (You can often hover over it and look in your status bar to see the destination URL without clicking the ad.)
  • Description of the bad ad (i.e., what's it doing wrong).
  • A screenshot of the bad ad (if you have one). You can upload it directly from the Report window or the Farkback page.

For reference, here are the types of ads that are allowed and are not allowed on Fark.

NOT allowed on Fark:

  • Expandables - ads that expand when you roll over them.
  • Audioplay audio ads - ads that start playing audio without an explicit "click" from the user.
  • Pop-ups/Pop-overs/Pop-unders - ads, including surveys, that pop up new windows on top (or under) the current window, or slide across your screen (with the exception of a small ad at the bottom of mobile Fark that stays on your screen as you scroll unless you close it).
  • Redirects - ads that take the automatically (without any click) take the user away from Fark to another page for any reason.
  • NSFW ads.
  • Malware - anything that tries to get you to install anything on your system.


  • Click-to-do something ads: If you have to click to expand an ad, play audio, open a window, etc., those are allowed.
  • Video ads: Video ads without audio are fine. At times we've had reports of these slowing down a user's system. If this happens to you on a specific ad, report it and we will get it removed.
  • Interstitial ads: An intermediate ad that appears when you click a link that takes you off of Fark to another site. We run these very rarely, and when we do, they show up once per day for non-logged-in users. If you see one multiple times a day, there's something wrong and you should report it.

THANK YOU for helping us keep Fark clean of bad ads.

How are you complying with GDPR with regards to advertising?

We will not be serving ads to users located within the EU.

What's the difference between a moderator and an admin?

The short version is that moderators deal with comments, and admins deal with links.

Admins do the approving and removing of links. Moderators can't do that; they can only remove comments.

Why are you asking me to allow ads on Fark in my adblocker?

The majority of Fark's revenue comes from showing ads to our users. It pays for bandwidth, servers, bug fixing, and new development. If you're seeing a message from us asking nicely that you allow ads on Fark in your adblocker, it's because we've noticed that you're not seeing ads. This could be because you've installed Adblock Plus or one of a number of other tools that blocks you from seeing ads. Or you might have installed a program that blocks ads by default, such as avast! Internet Security, and you might not even be aware this is going on.

We wish we could run Fark with no ads at all, but ads pay our bills. Bottom line: without ads, we couldn't exist. It doesn't matter if you never click on an ad; some ads pay on clicks, but a number of ads pay out on the number of times they are displayed.

We work very hard to make sure that our ads are unobtrusive. We could make a lot more money if we allowed ads that were pop-ups, expandables, auto-playing audio, and the like. Instead, a lot of effort goes into making sure those sorts of ads never make it onto Fark. Very rarely, one of these ads has made it through, so we spent months setting up a one-click reporting system that grabs the ad and runs an ad trace so we can remove it from the stream immediately.

So we're asking please...help us pay our bills. Allow ads for Fark in your adblocking plugin. In Adblock Plus, you can select "Disable on fark.com" from your Adblock Plus menu. For more detailed instructions on how to allow ads with other tools, and for information on allowing ads without being "tracked", please see our FArQ entry on Allowing Ads on Fark.com. If you still need help allowing ads on Fark, please send us a "Tech question" Farkback and we'd be happy to help.

If you can't (or won't) allow ads on Fark in your ad blocker, please considering signing up for TotalFark. There are many benefits to being a TotalFark member. For more information see our TotalFark FArQ. TotalFark isn't ad-free, but the money will help off-set the revenue we lose from adblockers. If you want an ad-free experience on Fark, we offer a different product called BareFark. It's half the price of TotalFark and removes all ads (but doesn't give you the perks that you get with a TF membership). The subscriptions are independent of one another so you can subscribe to either or both. Thank you for your help keeping the lights on and the squirrel fed!

How do I use the Favorite Links feature?

At the very top of each comments page, right under the headline, TotalFark subscribers will see an add to favorites link. Clicking that will put the link on your favorites list.

Or, if you already know the link number, you can add it from the 'Tools' pane of your MyFark profile page. For example, entering link number 99999 would add the TotalFark Forum to your favorites list.

Links on your favorites list are listed on the 'Tools' pane of your MyFark profile page. Next to each favorite link is a counter of how many new comments have been posted since the last time you looked at the link, so you can jump directly to just the new comments and skip the old ones.

To remove a link from your favorites list, just hit the checkbox next to the link and hit "Submit Changes". Or, you can return to its comments page and click the remove from favorites link under the headline.

Favorite links are different from Watched links. If you Watch a link, you're saying you want email notifications when there are new comments posted in that thread. See also the entry on the Fark Email Notification Service. Favorite links are permanent. Watched links disappear when the thread is closed.

How do I highlight (favorite) or hide (ignore) posts from specific users?

Fark has a feature for highlighting posts from your favorite Farkers, and hiding posts from your least favorite. There are three ways to favorite or ignore a user: 1) When reading comments, click the star icon or the 'no' icon (circle with a slash) in the comment header and favorite/ignore directly from that page. 2) From the 'Tools' pane in your MyFark profile. 3) From that user's public profile page

Currently there are no limits as to how many users can be on either list.

How do I report a problem with a comment or a link?

At the very bottom of every comments page, any user who has had an account for longer than a week will see two links:

Notify moderators about this thread is for giving the comment moderators a heads-up about posted comments that are in violation of our posting rules. Sometimes we miss a few.

Notify admins about this link is for giving the link pickers a heads-up about a submitted link that doesn't work, a repeat link, a misspelled headline, and so on.

Clicking either option will bring up a comment box where you can explain what the issue is in detail.

How do I report a bug or a security issue?

Contact Farkback using the "technical errors/bugs" topic with the details.

We do not have a bug bounty cash program for security bugs, as we're a small company with no budget for such things. However, we will give a free year of TotalFark or BareFark if you can report a verifiable security glitch (without maliciously exploiting it first)... assuming it isn't one of our honeypots.

My browser says that my password was compromised. What gives?

This generally means that you used the same password on Fark that you used on another site, and that other site was compromised at some point in the past (maybe not recently). It does NOT mean that Fark was compromised.

You should still change your password on both Fark, and on any other site where you used the same password -- and in the future, don't use the same password on multiple sites. A password manager app can be helpful here.

Here is the link to change your Fark password.


  • Log into your account
  • Go to the Edit tab of your profile (the link above should take you straight there)
  • Enter your new password in the two boxes in the top General section
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your OLD password in the box (not the new one)
  • Click 'Save profile changes' and that should do it.

NOTE: You MUST be on a computer or on the 'full site' version of Fark on your mobile device (see the 'full site' link in the menu or at the bottom of every page). We are working on a way to do this on the mobile site.