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April Fools pages

Fark has a long tradition of doing fake front pages and other bizarre stunts on April 1 of each year. A list of all of them by year can be found here.

Fark though the ages

Someone suggested it'd be cool to see how Fark's evolved over the years. So here goes:

farkv0.thumb.png This is all Fark had for its first two years, from mid 1997 to early 1999. Some would argue this is better than what we have now...
farkv1.thumb.png The original Fark, launched February 1999. No logo, no topic tags, no comments.
farkv1a.thumb.png Introduction of the first logo and the topic tags (Amusing, Stupid, etc).
farkv1b.thumb.png At some point, we decided to tell people how to dry their hands after submitting links.
farkv2.thumb.png 2nd version, June 2000. Drew finally starts putting links in a real database and creates the Comments sections.
farkv2a.thumb.png November 2000. We're starting to get some sponsor/friends links.
farkv3.thumb.png 3rd version, first major redesign, January 2001. This is the first appearance of our logo. One sidebar added on the left for all the sponsor/friends links.
farkv3a.thumb.png The logo's shifted to the left because this is the week of September 11, 2001 and we shaved all the non-essentials off the page to save bandwidth.
farkv4.thumb.png 4th version, late September 2001. Right sidebar added for the then-new Classifieds section.
farkv4a.thumb.png Banner ads are in place by December 2001, though most of them are dummy/joke placeholder ads at first. By early 2002 we have moved our hardware to a new ISP that we have to actually pay for, so we need to start running real ones.
farkv5.thumb.png 5th version, second major redesign, June 2002. Cleaned up the fonts and colors. We stuck with this design for a long time -- too long.
farkv6.thumb.png 6th version, early 2006 -- first appearance of tabs for subpages; banner ad moves up.
farkv6a.thumb.png More tabs were added during the first half of 2006.
farkv7.thumb.png 7th version, third major redesign, late April 2007. Numerous tweaks were made thoughout May and a few in June. Some right sidebar sections were removed in April 2011.
farkv8.thumb.png 8th version, 4th major redesign, June 1, 2011.