Posting Rules - The Basics

COVID-19 comments

It has been Fark's policy since the start of the pandemic to remove any comments that spread disinformation about COVID-19. This includes telling people that masks don't work, that the virus is a hoax or that the risk of catching it is infinitesimally small. Comments saying that the vaccine doesn't work or that untested medicines/remedies can prevent or cure Covid will also be removed. This isn't a case of the Mods "determining truth"; it can literally mean life or death for some people and we take that very seriously indeed. We would advise everyone to get jabbed if you can - you might thank us later.

Fark Philosophy

Fark is like a large house party. House parties need to have a few rules to make sure that nobody gets badly hurt or has to call the cops. Being cool about it and following the house rules makes it more fun for everyone involved. We don't mind when you show up drunk at 3AM - chances are we're just as drunk if not more so - but we do mind if you start breaking the furniture and picking fights.

If you don't follow the house rules, we'll ask you to leave for a little bit. Farkback is there to help work it out with you. Following this one suggestion will help the process out immensely: Be polite. Write a draft letter to get the frustration out of the way first. Then write a second letter explaining what happened and send that one instead. The person in the position to help with an issue is more likely to do so if they aren't abused. Chances are that whatever went wrong can be righted, so keep that in mind during correspondence.

It does need to be said that repeated and extreme violations of Fark's posting rules will result in a permanent posting ban. We don't want to ban users from participating on the site - but it can and will happen if we have to. A site ban is 100% avoidable by following some simple rules. Remember that these rules are non-negotiable and Farkback will not embark on a protracted debate over so-called grey areas. These rules apply to link submissions AND user profiles as well.

The Farking Rules


  • Moderators do not police opinions or determine truth. Moderators are here to keep arguments from becoming personal. Name calling, threatening, bringing up off-site activities or personal information will be removed.

Hate Speech/Bigotry

  • We want to be an open forum for all people so there are some things we will not tolerate. Racism, misogyny, rape jokes, LGBT+ bashing, making fun of the disabled - including words like "retard" or variants of "tard", or bigotry of any kind will be removed.


  • Keep your posts on topic. Attempts to derail the thread by bringing up old threads, other topics, or users you dislike will be removed. If you want to talk about something else, submit another thread.

NSFW content

  • Keep it safe for work; some Farkers have real jobs and want to keep them. This includes graphic images, graphic text, nudity, partial nudity or sex toys. If you aren't sure if something is NSFW, link it and provide a NSFW warning. When in doubt, moderators will remove a post that is borderline.

Illegal Acts

  • Fark will not be a host for threats, doxxing, or planning of illegal activity. Any post that threatens or seems to threaten harm on another person or encourages illegal activity will be removed.

Special Cases

  • Don't become a special case. Overall, don't be a dick.


Notifying Moderators

  • If you see a post that violates the Fark Rules please notify the moderators.
  • If a series of posts in a single thread need attention, please note that in your message to the moderators; it is not necessary to send multiple reports.
  • Please do not respond to posts you are reporting to moderators.
  • Moderators will review all reports but will only take action when a violation has occurred.


  • Posts in violation of the Fark rules will be removed as they are seen by moderators.
  • Posts responding to deleted posts will also be removed.
  • Deleted posts will include a message for the user explaining the reason for the deletion.


  • If a moderator sees multiple rule violations from a single user or a single post that is particularly bad they can put a user in Timeout.
  • During a Timeout users will not be able to post comments or submit threads.
  • Timeout duration is determined by the rule broken and will increase with repeated offenses.
  • Posting or submitting from another account during a timeout will result in extending the timeout, and will be applied to both accounts.

Permanent Bans

  • Users with an excessive number of Timeouts in a given time period can be subject to Permanent removal from Fark.
  • Permanent bans are only given by consensus of ALL moderation staff.


  • Any questions or concerns about moderator decisions should be directed to Farkback.
  • Farkback staff are not thread moderators.
  • Farkback staff will review moderation actions upon request and may lessen or reverse Timeouts at their discretion.


  • These guidelines apply equally to all users, whether or not they are TotalFark subscribers, and these guidelines apply with equal force to TF-only submissions. As mentioned on the TotalFark signup page, no refunds will be issued to people whose accounts are banned from Fark, nor will any refunds be issued for "sponsored" users who break the rules.

TotalFark/Barefark subscribers and OhFark badge members: These guidelines apply equally to all users and these guidelines apply with equal force to TF-only submissions. No refunds will be issued to people whose accounts are timed out or banned from Fark, nor will any refunds be issued for "sponsored" users who break the rules.

These rules will be updated as needed.

These Basic Posting Rules were designed to cover the rules in a shorter format. You can see the full Fark posting rules here which explain the rules in more detail.

The following actions will get you banned from Fark immediately:

Attempting to hack, flood, DoS, crack passwords, or otherwise compromise Fark system security, or the security of any site mentioned/linked via Fark.

  • Logs will be sent to the appropriate ISPs and law enforcement immediately.

Child Pornography.

Stealing or guessing other people's passwords, giving or loaning your password to other users (especially TotalFark passwords), or otherwise using or sharing accounts that aren't yours.

  • This includes attempting to create extra accounts or using someone else's account to evade bans. That last one bears repeating - if you post or submit anything from another account while one of your accounts is suspended, or create a new account to avoid a timeout, any new account will be locked and in both cases you may be subjected to a longer timeout or even a permanent ban.


  • Worth mentioning twice. This includes spamming us with link submissions.