Posting Rules - Expanded

The Full Fark Posting Rules: Everything and the Kitchen Sink (but seriously, read these if you have any questions)

Fark is like a large house party. House parties need to have a few rules to make sure that nobody gets badly hurt or has to call the cops. Being cool about it and following the house rules makes it more fun for everyone involved. We don't mind when you show up drunk at 3AM - chances are we're just as drunk if not more so - but we do mind if you start breaking the furniture and picking fights.

If you don't follow the house rules, we'll ask you to leave for a little bit. Farkback is there to help work it out with you. Following this one suggestion will help the process out immensely: Be polite. Write a draft letter to get the frustration out of the way first. Then write a second letter explaining what happened and send that one instead. The person in the position to help with an issue is more likely to do so if they aren't abused. Chances are that whatever went wrong can be righted, so keep that in mind during correspondence.

It does need to be said that repeated and extreme violations of Fark's posting rules will result in a permanent posting ban. We don't want to ban users from participating on the site - but it can and will happen if we have to. A site ban is 100% avoidable by following some simple rules. Remember that these rules are non-negotiable and Farkback will not embark on a protracted debate over so-called grey areas. These rules apply to link submissions AND user profiles as well. To that end, here they are:

  • Don't repost deleted content/links.
  • Don't post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images or unlabeled NSFW links.
  • Don't post graphic images or links to graphic content.
  • Don't post repetitively.
  • Don't threadjack.
  • Don't encourage others to perform illegal acts.
  • Don't post hate speech.
  • Don't post broken images/links.
  • Don't post private/contact information no matter how easily obtained.
  • Don't troll/harass other Farkers.
  • Don't troll/harass Fark or its maintainers.
  • Don't discuss bans in the threads.
  • Don't try to make the thread discussions all about you.
  • Don't post TotalFark content/links on regular Fark.
  • Don't attempt to hack, flood, DoS, DDoS, or otherwise compromise Fark.
  • Don't abuse the submission queue.
  • Don't post illegal content of any kind.

These rules apply to usernames and your myFark page as well. Don't create a username that's racist or could be construed as selling something. Don't put NSFW images in your bio. If it's not allowed in comments, it's not allowed as a username or in your profile.

These rules are basic, common sense stuff. The following list is the longer version which is boring and detailed because people we ban ask us to make it this way. To reiterate, Farkback will not enter a protracted debate over these rules. If a particular item isn't explicitly listed in excruciating detail here, it still falls under the general "don't be a dick" rule.

Images that are "not safe for work" ("NSFW") in the average professional workplace. If your post (be it image and/or text) is deemed graphic by a Moderator, then it is indeed graphic. This is not a decision open to debate. This includes, but isn't necessarily limited to, the following categories:

  • Nudity, partial nudity, or adult content: Naked people aren't safe for work in the average American workplace. Exposed breasts, nipples (including ones visible through material), penises and vaginas, and asses aren't permitted. Remember, an image doesn't have to contain complete nudity for it to be out of place at the office. A good reference point is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It's not nudity, but it is a great deal of exposed skin and minimal fabric covering that most workplaces frown upon. Anything you see in the Swimsuit Edition shouldn't be posted inline. The same goes for the Page 3 girls, you British lot. A more general reference point for the would be to think about what you wouldn't want your boss to find in your browser cache. Pictures of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, Ben-Wa balls, masturbation sleeves, inflatable dolls, RealDolls(tm), and any other sex toys or devices used to penetrate or be penetrated are definitely not acceptable.
  • Graphic image content: Images that would make most viewers feel ill, upset, or uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to: cadavers, autopsies, surgeries, vomiting, severed limbs, alarming deformities, dead animals, extreme body modifications, torture, and bodily functions are not to be posted in the threads. Images that depict graphic content will be deleted. Images containing child pornography will be reported to the appropriate local and Federal law enforcement agencies. The use of images depicting well-known tragedies such as 9/11 is not forbidden - but is generally frowned upon. Images which depict people actually dying (falling to their death, being killed in various ways - e.g. shot, maimed/tortured, etc.) should never be posted or linked to. The same holds true for such images involving animals.
  • Graphic text content: Graphic language fits right in with content. FARK is not an erotica site, nor is it a clearinghouse for random encounters or potential dates, a place for "who can tell the most disgusting story" contests, or a journal for your (or anyone else's) bodily/biological functions. Using a little common sense and restraint here will go a long way.
  • Borderline Image Posts: If you're posting an image and you're not quite sure whether it falls under the "safe" category or not, we strongly recommend reviewing this FAQ first. If you still aren't sure, ask Farkback. In the case of Photoshop contests, it's best to link it ("a href" instead of "img src") with a very clear warning that it may not be safe to view at work. The reason we have this rule is so that users can make their own decision as to whether they should chance viewing certain images or not. Inline images don't give the reader that choice, so they must always be safe for work.
  • Image swapping: Is disallowed for practical reasons. It's too much of a pain for moderation purposes and is too prone to abuse. Don't post rotating images.
  • Image control: Make sure that any images that you post are under your explicit control. Linking an image from another site that is not under your control can often result in that site changing the contents of what you linked. Sometimes the owner of that site is not particularly nice and will change the image to something that violates Fark's posting guidelines. If you choose to hyperlink an image, you do so at your own risk to your account. By hitting the submit button, you are warranting that you have permission to post an image, even if it is subject to copyright protection. If you submit an image that is later determined to be a copyright infringement, it will be removed; see details in our legal section for more on copyright issues. If that image is illegal (e.g. child porn), Fark will report it and comply with any resulting investigation conducted by State and/or Federal law enforcement agencies.

Aside from "not safe for work" posts, the following are also unacceptable:

  • Reposting something that was deleted: Posts (and links/threads) are removed for a reason. Reposting a deleted post, complaining about it in the thread, spamming the queue about it, or belaboring the point will result in action being taken. Reposting a deleted inline image as a link instead is generally acceptable as long as it falls within the posting rules. Posting or submitting links on behalf of someone else that was banned will in turn earn you a ban as well. The shorter answer is: Don't do it.
  • Repetitive messages: Cross-posting, flooding, spamming, advertising for a website, etc. In addition, including a sig file in your posts or a link to your site/blog/freeiPod referral page is also considered spamming, and comments containing them will be deleted. Using bots to post comments will result in a ban.
  • Threadjacking and disruptions: Posts like 50 lines of the letter "Z," pictures that have nothing to do with the thread's article, "First Post/Page," "who cares," "Fark sucks," posts that are unrelated to the thread topic, complaints about link quality, unedited non-original images in Photoshop threads, off-topic discussions in Photoshop/Farktography/Audio edit threads, repeated filter evasion attempts, ban talk, and trolling (see below). Linking to sites that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Linking to sites that hijack the user's browser is considered to be exceptionally malicious and will result in a posting ban.
  • Messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts: Murder, extortion, and any other misdemeanor or felony are expressly forbidden, especially threats on public officials. Don't even imply it. DoS attacks, hacking, flooding, and all other related computer crimes will be dealt with immediately and in fullest cooperation with local and federal law enforcement. Also, posting copyrighted software, music, etc. is forbidden (for example, linking MP3s of bands other than your own) as is discussion of illegal file sharing.
    • Also included in this is harassment -- for example, encouraging people to call someone on the phone, flood a website/mailbox, etc because they were mentioned in a linked article. (See also "messages containing private information" below.)
  • Hate speech: Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. are unacceptable and unwelcome on Fark.
  • Sexism, Racism and LGBT bashing: Fark is a humor site, and we've done more than our fair share at poking fun of others, often for what they've done, sometimes for what they've said, occasionally because they look funny. Fark has long prided itself on being irreverent and sarcastic.

That said, there are still some things that cross the line, and misogyny, racism and LGBT bashing are some of them. So just to be clear: these things will not be tolerated.

We know that on the internet, it's impossible to know the difference between a person with hateful views and a person lampooning hateful views to make a point. The mods try to be reasonable, and context often matters. We will try and determine what you meant, but that's not always a pass. If your post can be taken one of two ways, and one of those ways can be interpreted as misogynistic, racist, or LGBT bashing, the mods may delete it and could even give you a timeout--even if that wasn't your intent.

  • Messages containing only broken links or broken images: Images that do not load from their image hosts will be removed. Please refer to our list of acceptable image hosts. If you have any free and reliable image hosts with sufficient bandwidth limits - please let us know. You might want to see if your own ISP provides webhosting space; they tend to be most reliable. (Note that in some cases, the general populace of Fark may see a Red X when the image looks OK to you; this is usually because of your browser caching the image.)
  • Messages containing public OR private information: We are aware that most of this information can be found using Whois, or Google, or a phone book - however, posts containing personal names, contact information such as: email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, social networking profiles, credit card numbers, etc. are not allowed.
  • Trolling/harassing other Fark members: Unfortunately, disagreements can and will happen - but there is no need for them to become personal. Don't harass other users with your posts, parody links/threads, or create accounts to harass them with.
    • Fark accounts come with a handy Ignore Feature. Use it to filter out those posters whose comments you'd prefer not to read. Keep in mind that discussing who's on your ignore list is the opposite of ignoring and this also applies to your favorites list, whether it's in text form or a screenshot. It could cross the line into trolling of other Fark members and may result in a suspension of posting privileges.
  • Trolling/harassing Fark Admins and Moderators: Fark does not tolerate abuse of its maintainers in comments, in submitted links, or via emailing them directly. If you have an issue with a particular Admin or Moderator, Fark itself, or Fark's moderation practices in general - email Drew directly. The address is Drew at Fark dot com. He is always available. He may not be able to respond right away, but he will get back to you. The comments sections in the threads are not the place for airing grievances, mainly because no one person at Fark reads all of the over 30 million comments on the site. With that much going on all at once, important things can be and sometimes are overlooked. The bartender can't get your drink order right if he can't hear you.
  • Off-site behavior: The short answer is PLEASE KEEP IT OFF-SITE. Off-site melodrama is not something we want brought onto Fark so please do not make it our problem by bringing drama and in-fighting on-site. If you choose to make your email address public in your profile you must assume responsibility for any consequences. The same applies if, as a Fark user, you identify yourself as such on other social media sites.
    • Never use your Fark account to harass other Farkers. The reverse applies as well. If you've started a fight with another Farker, don't expect the Moderators to become your personal bodyguards. We do not tolerate onsite harassment of users, or harassment of Fark Moderators or Admins. If you have an issue with a particular Fark user or group of Fark users but they are not violating the FarQ, please use ignore.
    • A note on email and user profiles: Email exchanges with persons other than Farkback are considered off-site. By default, the email address field in Fark user profiles is hidden. Fark is neither responsible nor liable for personal/contact information that users choose to make public.
  • Ban talk: Temporary and/or permanent actions taken by Fark on individual Fark accounts are between the user and Fark and should never be discussed in threads. Ban talk inevitably leads to misinformation and misunderstandings. If you have a question regarding actions taken on your account, contact Farkback. Please note that just as Fark Moderators/Admins will not discuss actions taken on other users' accounts, neither should you discuss (on site or in Farkback) actions taken on other Farker's accounts. Simply put: If it is not your account, it is not your business. This includes without limitation: discussing banned Farkers, campaigning for the reinstatement of banned Farkers, posting on behalf of banned Farkers, submitting links regarding bans or banned Farkers, or discussing other user's accounts in threads. Again: don't discuss bans, banned Farkers, moderation, Moderators, Admins or anything else related to moderation in the threads.
  • Calling out of other Farkers (in headlines): As odd as this may sound, not everyone wants attention on Fark. Specifically mentioning a fellow Farker in a headline or post (where the named Farker isn't participating) generates attention to a Farker who didn't intend it. This is not welcome on this site. If you have something to say to a particular Farker (and it isn't abusive), check their profile for an email address and go directly to the source. Comments and headlines about specific Farkers will likely be deleted, as not everyone needs or wants to see their name in bright lights, and most often, the attention is undesired.
  • Self-promotion: This is a little SCOTUS-esque -- that is, we know it when we see it. This includes posting disruptively in threads that have nothing to do with you by means of: directing fellow Farkers to your website, image gallery, or just posting your personal images etc. That is crossing the line into "self-promotion" territory.
  • Posting TotalFark-specific content in non-TotalFark-accessible areas: For example, posting links to upcoming Photoshop contests. If you're interested in getting a head start, a great way is to buy your own TotalFark account.
  • Drinking beer in public: Actually, we just wanted to make sure you were reading all of this carefully. And it depends on what kind of beer.
  • Abusing the "notify moderators" option: The "notify moderators" and "notify admins" options are not toys. They are not to be used for false alarms, calling attention to Farkers you dislike, or absurd complaints such as "My headline was better," etc. Cry "wolf" one too many times and you lose that option.
  • Belaboring the point: Attempting to find a possible loophole for something we didn't mention here or trying to find some tricky way around the rules isn't going to work. The posting rules aren't complicated. We are not going to spell them out in legalese or cover every possible interpretation of them. This includes the "don't be a dick" rule. We expect that you can see and understand what the spirit of each rule is. In essence, use your common sense.
  • Submission queue abuse. We define queue abuse as: Submitting links that violate the posting/content rules of Fark. Scroll up for those. This also includes links submitted to complain about the site, cause general disruptions, and spoiler-in-headline threads. Again, the "don't be a dick" rule applies here. If you realize after the "point of no return" that your link submission might be a problem - use Farkback to report it. If you have a TotalFark subscription, just use the "Notify Admins about This Link" option below the comments box.
  • Comments about assassination of public figures. These simply will not be tolerated, even the "joking" variety. Trust us, we don't like talking to the men in black suits and sunglasses; they tend to take notes which they put in files somewhere in unmarked buildings so they can be read by even more serious people with even darker sunglasses. However, we do give them our full cooperation, which might lead to you getting a visit from them and yourself being personally placed in an unmarked building somewhere with very serious people in very dark sunglasses, So just don't do it.

TotalFark/Barefark subscribers and OhFark badge members: These guidelines apply equally to all users and these guidelines apply with equal force to TF-only submissions. No refunds will be issued to people whose accounts are timed out or banned from Fark, nor will any refunds be issued for "sponsored" users who break the rules.

The following types of non-message-posting actions will get you banned from Fark immediately:

  • Attempting to hack, flood, DoS, crack passwords, or otherwise compromise Fark system security, or the security of any site mentioned/linked via Fark. Logs will be sent to the appropriate ISPs and law enforcement immediately.
  • Stealing or guessing other people's passwords, giving or loaning your password to other users (especially TotalFark passwords), or otherwise using or sharing accounts that aren't yours. This includes attempting to create extra accounts or using someone else's account to evade bans. That last one bears repeating - if you post or submit anything from another account while one of your accounts is suspended, or create and use a new account to avoid a timeout, any new account will be locked and in both cases you may be subjected to a longer timeout or even a permanent ban.
  • Spamming. Worth mentioning twice. This includes spamming us with link submissions.