TotalFark and BareFark Questions

Where do I sign up for TotalFark?

Right here.

Where do I sign up for BareFark?

Right here.

I'm short on beer money and have to cancel my TotalFark or BareFark subscription.

To cancel, go to your myFark profile.

  • If you're on mobile, look for the line that says, "Cancel TF recurring subscription," or, "Cancel BareFark recurring subscription," and tap on "Show List."
  • If you're on the full site, click the "Memberships" tab on the top. Click on either the "cancel" link under "TotalFark subscription" or "BareFark subscription" on the left, or click on the "Cancel recurring subscription" link underneath your subscription description. (They go to the same place.)

On the next page, you'll see a list of your recurring subscriptions (including sponsorships if you have any) and you can cancel individual recurring subscriptions on that page.

My TotalFark or BareFark is about to expire. Where do I go to renew?

Wait until it expires and then simply sign up again for TotalFark or BareFark.

I want to change my subscription (payment method, subscription length, etc). How do I do that?

If you are switching from one subscription method to another, such as from month-to-month to 12 month payments, or want to switch payment methods, cancel your current subscription first! You will need to wait until your current subscription ends and you no longer have TotalFark or BareFark. Then sign up for the new plan.

PayPal isn't accepting my payment.

If you have two-factor authentication turned on, sometimes PayPal can't process the payment correctly. Disable their "security keys" feature (the one that texts a code to your phone at login time) or use Stripe for payments.

PayPal appears to have fixed this glitch in early 2017.

What do the different colored headline on the TotalFark pages mean?

  • Black - links that have not yet been reviewed by an admin
  • Blue - links which have not yet been reviewed by an admin and were submitted in the past ten minutes
  • Red - links which have been rejected
  • Green - links which have been approved to the main Fark page for future listing
  • Bold Green - links which have been listed on the main Fark page

Why don't I see some greenlit articles on the main page?

They are probably in one of our other sections: Sports, Showbiz, Tech, Politics,, etc.

If they are in normal green and not yet in bold green then they have been approved for future listing and won't be on the Fark pages yet. We have a system that lets us approve stuff several hours in advance, or for Photoshops, several days in advance. The actual listing time is somewhat random, so it looks like we're working through the whole day when we're really out drinking beer.

How does Link Voting work?

TotalFark has a way to vote for your favorite link submissions. This is similar to Photoshop voting, but for the entire submission. Unlike Photoshop threads, you can also vote against links you think really suck.

This is also where you vote for Headline of the Week - the headlines that you love because they are funny, unique, clever, or a sideways take on the story that makes you say, 'This is Fark'.

Submissions do not have to be greenlit to be eligible for voting.

To vote for links, go to the comments page for that article. Under the headline, you'll see vote for and vote against links. Just click that and you'll see a note saying the vote was accepted. Once you've voted for a link, the voting buttons will disappear. If you can't find them, that's probably why.

To see the results, follow the results link on the page. The overall voting results are updated every few minutes. Links will only stay on the results page for 2 days.

Although voting does not automatically make a certain headline or link go green, admins can see the votes, and this often influences their decision when they're picking links. Several great headlines have been rescued from the unapproved links because an admin saw that the TFers really liked the headline.

There is no list of links that got the fewest/negative votes.

Why did I get a cancellation notice when I didn't really cancel?

PayPal and Stripe will cancel recurring subscriptions if the credit card you were using for the subscription expires or declines charges. Simply sign back up again when the current subscription runs out.

I think someone bought a TotalFark/BareFark subscription for me (sponsored me). How do I find out who?

You should have gotten an email about it. If you didn't, check the "Memberships" section of your My Fark profile page, and the sponsor should be listed there. Note that sponsors can choose to be anonymous.

Someone sponsored me for TotalFark/BareFark, but I don't want it. Can you refund my sponsor?

For the most part, we will not remove TotalFark or BareFark or refund a sponsorship. If you do not want to be sponsored, sent in a Farkback and ask us to set a flag on your account that will disallow sponsorships. If you have extenuating circumstances, you can also send us a Farkback and we will consider the request.

Can I transfer my subscription to a different Fark account?

PayPal and Stripe do not provide a way for us to transfer subscriptions between accounts. Sorry.

What were Farks2Give?

Farks2Give were pre-purchased one-month TotalFark subscriptions. They were replaced in July 2021 with FarkUnits - a more general token that can be used for more than just TotalFark subscriptions. All existing Farks2Give were converted to FarkUnits.

What were TotalFark Gift Subscriptions?

TotalFark gift subscriptions were part of a program we ran from 2011 - April 2020. They were replaced by Farks2Give, which were subsequently replaced by FarkUnits