UltraFark Email Questions

Who is eligible for an @ultrafark.com email address?

We are no longer creating new @ultrafark.com email addresses.

Why isn't my @ultrafark.com username the same as my Fark login?

We had to modify a few @ultrafark.com usernames to be compatible with gmail and to avoid conflicts between logins.

But anyone can figure out my @ultrafark.com email address from my login. I don't want that!

Correct. If you sign up for an @ultrafark.com address, other people will be able to send you emails if they know your login. Gmail provides for filters so that you could trash any unwanted email. However, if this isn't enough, then this service is not right for you.

So-and-so is threatening/harrassing/being mean to me over UltraFark email.

Consider UltraFark emails to be like your own email account. It is considered off-site activity. We do not moderate, timeout, or ban based on off-site activity. If you feel you are in danger, contact your local authorities. For other bothersome emails, Gmail provides a way to filter unwanted emails to another folder or to the trash. See How do I set up filters?. For more information, see Harassment from a Gmail user.

I forgot my UltraFark password.

We cannot reset a password for an UltraFark email account unless we can verify that you are the owner of the account. It is important to keep another email address in your profile that you have access to. If you forget your UltraFark email password, send us a farkback and we will reset your password and send you a new temporary password to that email address.

Does my ultrafark.com email address go away if I drop my total.fark.com subscription?


Any other legal stuff I need to know?

We hate legal notices but..... This is a service of Fark and any and all terms can be modified or terminated with or without notice for any reason, at Fark's sole discretion. Also, as the service is provided by Gmail, it's also subject to Google's terms of service.