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  • Before reporting any technical problems whatsoever, please temporarily disable any ad-blocking or Javascript-blocking browser add-ons you may have, and see if your issue goes away. Many of these add-ons frequently cause problems by breaking non-ad-related functions, often at random times.

  • If you cannot post comments (especially comments containing images), and you have NoScript installed, and you don't have BareFark, you'll need to disable NoScript or whitelist *.fark.com in its Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) detector. To do that, go to NoScript Options, then Advanced, then XSS, and add this pattern to the whitelist: ^https?://[a-z]+\.fark\.com/. See this FAQ entry for more info.

  • If you're running into questionable banner ads, such as anything with sound, popups, etc, please use the "report a bad banner ad" topic below, and give us the date/time, your time zone, and what country you are in (and city/state if you're in the US), and if possible the URL of the ad and any intervening redirects; this will help us track down and kill the provider quicker. Here are some tips on gathering even more info about a bad ad. Thanks!

  • Ask a mod and ban queries: We take all your questions very seriously, but please remember that Fark is a site with a million registered accounts and it can unfortunately take our Farkback staff up to a few business days to look into your issue and get back to you.

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